3 Bottle Gift Pack of Yorkshire Ales


3 x 500ml Bottled Yorkshire Beers

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This is the ideal gift for any beer lover this Christmas. We have but together this collection of local Yorkshire beers to allow you to pick and mix or choose your favourite brewery.

If you are looking for a gift then there are options to suit every taste. If you're still unsure then let the Landlady choose for you.

Our gift packs include a selection chosen from the following beers and breweries.

Stout/Porter 500ml

Black Dub 4.4% - Wensleydale Brewery
Holderness Dark 4.3% - Great Newsome Brewery
Liquorice Lads Stout 4.3% - Great Newsome Brewery
Mint Choc Chip 6% - North Riding Brewery
Strawberry Cheese Cake 6% - North Riding Brewery
Lockdown 8.8% - Five Towns Brewery

Pale Ale 500ml

Semer Water 4.1% - Wensleydale Brewery
Wensleydale Gold 4.5% - Wensleydale Brewer
Sleck Dust 3.8% - Great Newsome Brewery
Pricky Back Otchan 4.2% - Great Newsome Brewery
Cold Snap 5.2% - Great Newsome Brewery
Koru 4.7% - Great Newsome Brewery
Gallivanting 4% - Great Newsome Brewery
Elderflower Power 4.6% - Great Newsome Brewery
Lazy Wind 4.4% - Great Newsome Brewery
Tyto Alba 5.6% - Great Newsome Brewery
Cascade 4% - North Riding Brewery
Mosaic 4.3% - North Riding Brewery
Citra Pale 4.5% - North Riding Brewery
Comet 4.3% - North Riding Brewery
Strata 4.3% - North Riding Brewery
USIPA V41 5.5% - North Riding Brewery
Peculiar Blue 6% - Five Towns Brewery

Copper/Brown 500ml

Game Keeper 4.3% - Wensleydale Brewery
Frothingham Best 4.3% - Great Newsome Brewery
The Chairman 4.8% - Great Newsome Brewery
Newsome Noel 5% - Great Newsome Brewery
Winter Warmth 4.6% - Great Newsome Brewery

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North Riding Brewery, Five Towns Brewery, Wensleydale Brewery, Great Newsome Brewery, Stout/Porter Pack, Pale Pack, Mixed Pack, Landladys Choice


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